Types Of Sales Books & Soft Sell Review

Recently, I have been on a kick of looking back into my old sales books. It’s crucial for you to refresh your mind on books. You can always find something the second time you didn’t before. New perspectives are eye opening.

There are some basic types of sales books I have found. There are some that will give you ideas, some that will give you lines, some that will teach you how to be sales, and some that are a mix. (And this one.) I have read all of these and I would definitely recommend them. I did not listen to the audio series, but I recommend you do. It is over $15 cheaper than the book and you can listen to it while driving. Killing two birds with one stone while making your life more productive.

Lets say you listen to audio tapes or podcast while driving. You drive a total of one hour, for 5 days of the week, in 48 of the weeks of the year. I think that is a very conservative estimate for how much people drive. So that is 240 hours or 10 days of time. To give you some perspective, the Soft Sell Audio Cassettes would take 3 hours. I think you can decide how much you would learn in that time! Anyways enough of why its great to learn while driving. Time to review Soft Sell: The New Art of Selling, Self-Empowerment, and Persuasion By Time Connor.

Being sales is the most important part of being a sales person. This skill can be acquired to anyone. Even the introverted. What I mean by being sales is the way you carry yourself. It is almost like being an actor. If you don’t feel comfortable, you must act extremely comfortable. It is an extreme edge to be natural and have a flowing conversation with built in sales. With practice, sales can become part of who you are.

Soft Sell can get you to that point. (With practice of course.)

If you are lost in understanding me, then you probably have no field experience. It is almost night and day to anyone who has a couple hundred plus hours of real life sales. It is quite like the zone for sports or finding flow while being creative. That is the best way to describe “being” sales.

Lets say I could go back and time and pick the first sales books I could read. I’d pick The Worlds Greatest Salesman, and then Soft Sell. I would read those a couple times and truly learn them. The first is extremely inspiring and will help cement some fundamental truths. It is almost like a philosophy book. Soft Sell will give you the attitude and the know how to succeed in sales. Honestly if those were the only two sales books you even read you would be fine.

It is very comprehensive at the same time, but I feel the important part is your confidence. If you believe in what you are selling. You will have an easier time selling and it is immoral to sell things you wouldn’t buy. I don’t know how one could sleep at night. Eventually if you rip people off it will come around and destroy your name. Then nobody will buy from you. No sales = no food.

I personally love incredible food. So I have to have the sales in place. Everyone has different levels of ambitions. In the end, you just have to chose to be great at what you do or not. As long as you contribute toward society in a positive way, to me, you were a success.

Whats your favorite sales books? Comment them below!



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