Think And Go Hustle by Dylan Madden

Dylan Madden is a full time hustler. He co-owns a website design company and runs

He is one of the most authentic online people I have ever met and his book upholds the realness that Dylan always brings to the table.


Dylan Madden’s book Think and Go Hustle is absolutely perfect for ages 15 to 35 as a cheat code manual for the game of life. That’s is exactly how he frames it too, as a game. His frame puts life into a new perspective which made a tremendous impact on me.

Perfect for college students trying to develop the life they want, while still having a life.

The set-up of the book was absolutely original and phenomenal. It keeps you engaged and has clearly defined actionable steps in each chapter. Execute these steps and designing your life will become far simpler.


It is definitely the most actionable book I have ever read with no filler. 63 pages that he condensed down from over 140 pages of relatable stories and how you get your dreams. The analogy is perfect and after you read this book, beware, you will never have an excuse for not living the life you want.

I have to give this book kudos for it is one of the best e-books I’ve ever read.

If you enjoy Dylan’s work, his book will impress you beyond belief.

Final Rating

A solid 8/10. Give Think and Go Hustle to your friends you really care about and it will have the most impact in getting them to take action.
Enjoy reading!

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