The Way Of The Superior Man Review

The Way of the Superior Man: A Spiritual Guide to Mastering the Challenges of Women, Work, and Sexual Desire. This is possibly the best book wrote for men and women of all time. Women enormously benefit from men reading it.

This world is extremely complicated. Many times when things are complicated we tend to just focus on the exterior and try to make it simple. Normally the solution lies within and is complicated. David Deida explains a lot of questions about women all men have. He also answers many spiritual questions about life in general. Not to mention he has some of the best writing skill I have ever seen.

This is personally one of my favorite books. I use this as a go to gift for friends. If they read one chapter, they won’t stop. Its captivating and gives you ideas for life, but tons of actionable advice as well.

One of my favorite chapter is about breathing. I didn’t breathe correctly for about 17 years. Most people never do. (I just taught my grandparents how to a couple week ago and they never know how their whole life.) Once I truly learned how from this book and some physical therapy for my shoulder. Not to mention Wim Hof on some other breathing techniques. It was an absolute game changer. If you know what I’m talking about, you do. If you area little lost, you might not be breathing fully.

Apparently lack of of oxygen also can cause cancer. An excess has been shown to help cure cancer.  Woah. Don’t trust me, google it. Here.

Now I would say that is pretty important. He also teaches you how to circulate energy through your body. Which takes belief and almost forcing the feeling, but then it becomes very real and stimulating.

Now some of this may sound hokey pokey, but if you believe fully, it will work. Basically “Trust the process.” If you aren’t into that stuff, the advice on women and work will far make up for it. Understanding women and work makes life as tranquil as it gets. What could be left to cause you stress?

Most people could easily benefit by reading a chapter a night and soaking the information in while they drift to sleep. It will stimulate profound insights to your life. Not only about your personal self, but also into the lives of others. Once you understand your own motives, you can relate it to others.

Probably my favorite part about this book was how much I learned about myself. Learning if my energy is hot or cold and what the means. As well as how I can use that information to improve my life.  Defining how masculine/feminine personalities and how relationships must be balanced through them. There has never been a book that has opened my eyes more.

Frankly, I cannot be as behind this incredible book anymore. 10/10 and would be my first choice to give as a gift.  It is great for any man and the younger the better!


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