The Waiter & Bartender’s Scam Bible Review

How to Burn Down the House: The Infamous Waiter & Bartender’s Scam Bible by two Bourbon Street Waiter’s. It really is what it sounds like. The ultimate play book for waiter’s to make more money dishonestly. The editor of the book was down at Bourbon Street on day eating when he overheard two waiter’s talking about the scams they pulled and their stupid “mope” of a manager. The editor was so intrigued he kept coming back to listen.

One day he was discovered and the waiters fell extremely silent. He then begged them for more information and they reluctantly gave him their scam bible. They also personally taught him a ton of the tricks.

In result, they exploit more ways to steal from a restaurant and its patrons than most people would dream of. 75 full pages of scams. Mainly scams on the house, so this can be extremely valuable information for a number of people. I mean you go out to eat don’t you? Want to know if they are manipulating your checks?


This books is an absolute must read for any Bartender, Waiter, Bus Boy, Host, Manager, or Restaurant owner themselves. They game is always going to be played so you might as well know all the secrets. You shouldn’t steal from the restaurant you work it, but it is really interesting to know how.

Don’t let your boss catch you reading it!

For people who don’t work in the industry or are highly involved the book can be a little too much. A lot of the scams seem similar and are useless for you to know if you aren’t in the industry.

Just know they can get away with a lot more if you order simple and pay cash. They also can make your alcoholic drink taste like it has more by concentrating the booze in the straw. If you tip week, prepare to be shorted like that and get no extra favors. Bartenders give free drinks to big tippers. Always be able to see your drink get poured.

Otherwise there wasn’t too much other crazy information for the average Joe.


If you are in the food industry then 110% buy and read this book. You could either know how to steal or know how you are being stolen from.

If you aren’t in the industry, skip it and read another book that I have recommended.

Final Rating

It’s hard for me to rate since the book was not usefully to me, but to someone its relative to I am sure How to Burn the House Down is an easy 8/10.

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