The Choose Yourself Guide To Wealth Review

Some of the highest prior expectations I have had held for a book are this one. Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth seemed like a masterpiece. I knew the guy writing it was smart. I knew he had made and lost vast sums of money. I had read a lot of his blog and he was fantastic. So I knew the book was going to be a slam.

I bought it and it might be the best investment I ever made in returns.

This books is overflowing with information and epiphanies. You will become fascinated with how his mind works and you will feel yours grow. It will inspire you to be creative and work with what you got. Abundance is everywhere and you just have to choose to see it.

I can be assured this is a book that future millionaires read. (As well as Think and Grow Rich)

This is one of my five must read books and for good reason. It is a fantastic guide to wealth. Other books contribute, but this is one of the main ones. It talks about every angle of money and how to make it. Follow the principles and I can assure you financial freedom is near.

You might hear some things that make you uncomfortable, but look inside you and ask yourself why. Should you be nervous to not go to college and “play it safe”? Well, if you aren’t sure about yourself, then maybe you should. Never do something you will regret on your deathbed. Going to college and getting sucked into a job that disinterest you would create intense remorse. Enjoy your life and chase themes or general areas of goals. Success is never a straight line.

Awesome Infographic I found
Awesome Info graphic I found

Altucher talks about the four aspects of life: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. He says if you can improve each part of your life by 1% each day then you are going to see major growth in your life. “The journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step.” You feel energized and life seems dulls. Growth makes life exciting and constantly better!

Workout, be around loved ones, become an idea machine (10 ideas a day), and think of some things you are grateful for everyday.

I would really recommend that anyone who wants more money and powerful insights on trends. This can make or break your success. If you think you can ride against trends, well you will have an awful time doing so. Be like water and go with the flow. The most successful people rides waves, not swim against them.

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