Self Education Through Books

Best possible way to spend $30?

Buying books. People don’t realize buying books in an investment in yourself. You might pay $10 for a book, but gain $1,000- unlimited. You learn something and become more enlightened. Of course if you pick the right books.

Now what if you buy multiple books? It just compounds even more. So one area of life you never want to be cheap in is investing in yourself.

I mentioned picking books earlier didn’t I? Well it is a very individual decision, but I have a system you may implement. When choosing a book, think about where you are going in life. Then think about what knowledge would be useful along the way. If you are going to start a small business, a sales job, workout, college, the find books that will help you along the way. Many books that could fit under all of those. Here are a few of the great ones.


  • Zero to One Peter Theil
  • Soft Sell by Tim Connor
  • Body of A Spartan
  • How to Win Friends and Influence People
  • Gorilla Mindset
  • (Niche Books on Amazon)


What’s the best way to buy books? I wait a couple weeks, go support a website and use their affiliate link, buy 5-6 at once to get free shipping. No point in buying a $8 book to pay $4 in shipping. Getting a book you hand selected and know will change your life is the best feeling. That’s why I get about six at once.

Always bundle books and when you read/enjoy a website’s posts then give them incentive to do give back even more. Use an affiliate link. Sure doesn’t cost you anymore money.

Having an E-reader is a great solution to eliminate shipping forever. You can also read it in bed while you significant other sleeps peacefully. Night light for reading are hisory. You can also carry a library in your hand. A lot of people light the feel of actual books, but I have been adding a mix. I get some online to have when I travel. Very critical to have a good book while you travel.

The best place to read is somewhere peaceful and comfortable for you to read. I enjoy my hammock ( ) . Always get a doublenest, you never know when you will need to share with someone beautiful. You should try to read as little in bed as possible. You want to use your bed mainly for sleeping to build that habit. Americans seem to have many sleep issues as is.

ENO with a view is the perfect way to read.
ENO with a view is the perfect way to read.

Finding books at goodwill or yard sales is about as rare as finding Hillary Clinton being honest. The effort to reuse and be frugal is noble, but you are never going to get exactly what is going to help you specifically. If you do it will be a stroke of luck and those will not come around as often as time sucks. Stick with quality.

Always remember to not let books replace action or implicating what they teach. It needs to propel you in life and add value. (Victor Pride always says “If you can’t learn from it or earn from it. Burn it.”) If you want to read for fun sometimes, that is always better than T.V. Always plan steps and take action towards your vision.

Get better one day and book at a time.

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