Review: Did I Ever Wake Up? Mod Sun

This is “a step by step guide on how to make life a dream”. This book is that and an autobiography rolled into one. I really enjoyed this quick read (or a quick listen on amazon). It also led me to listen to his music which had some good songs.

I was loaned this book way back when I was in high school. Sadly, I never got it back to her. Moral of the story, don’t loan a book you expect back. I have a multitude of my own books floating around in other peoples libraries as well. It happens to us all.

I would recommend this book to anyone familiar with Mod Sun’s music or would like a quick inspirational/self-help guide. This book would also be good for someone who “doesn’t like reading”. Even for someone you are trying to get to read some self-help. This book could be a gateway to getting someone to read more. Easy, fast, and entertaining.

The actual copy of the book is decent, but its no Think and Grow Rich. If you are looking for some new concepts in a unique and fun manner though, I would definitely give it a chance. He knows what he is talking about and seems as if a lot of the knowledge was self-actualized.

He brings up and puts a twist on many concepts like:

  • Law of Attraction
  • The Power of Positivity
  • Organizing Thoughts
  • Being “Selfish”
  • Always Learning
  • How to Cure Depression & Anxiety
  • Brainwashing Yourself

and much more. I always love a good life story I can learn from.

You always hear the phrase “Read one self-help book and you’ve read them all.” I strongly disagree with that. When you learn about something with repetition and in different ways, you learn it better. When you read more universal truths, they become part of the way you think.

So do I think you should read every self-help? No, that why I made Mans Best Reads to quickly tell you which are worth reading. The more you read, the better you instill knowledge in your mind. That knowledge can then transcend into wisdom when you must learn from observations in your own. It is easier to learn the more you know and it is easier to be creative when you are well educated in that field.

Thus why life is a journey of constantly learning how to better live. Make this book a step on your journey. You can buy the first audio chapter and give it a try or if you have amazon unlimited you should be able to listen for free.

Any other musicians life story books you like? Let me know them in the comments!

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