No More Mr. Nice Guy Review

One of the hardest male self-improvement books on Amazon not to run in to is No More Mr. Nice Guy by Robert A. Glover. It has almost a 1,000 reviews on Amazon and 70% of them are 5/5.  It also received a 4/5 on

With a tag line of “A proven plan for getting what you want in love, sex and life.” it sounds pretty solid. I had high expectations for this book. It was written by a doctor, looked like many people loved it, and I knew many other people who have read this.


This book is for someone who really wants to know what a “Nice Guy” looks like. It provides tons of examples from the Dr. Glover’s men’s small group. The guy share problems and use each other for advice and support. You really get the feeling if you are acting like these people.

The book isn’t a difficult read and I’d recommend this to a guy really struggling with “Nice Guy Syndrome”, but not anyone else. Most don’t really need it and just need confidence.


If you feel like you are a nice guy, people walk all over you, and you can’t stand up for yourself, you should pick up this books, pick up some weights, and pick up about 10 other books I suggested in other articles.

This book just doesn’t get the job done. I felt like it was the same advice over and over.

  • Your needs weren’t met as a child, realize it and deal with it
  • Be assertive & honest
  • Do what you should
  • Don’t do what you hate

That pretty much sums up the key lessons. Most of it is just filler to be honest. Now obviously I wasn’t a big fan, but I don’t have “Nice Guy Syndrome” at all. I must say it is a little bias for me to be reviewing it in that sense since I can’t completely relate.  Just wanted to add that, always have to be honest in these reviews.

Final Rating

So for me, I am going to have to give it a 5/10. I wasn’t impressed, but I could see how this could help some one really down in the dumps. Well, on Amazon and goodreads more people liked it than not so maybe it is still worth a shot!

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