The Question Is..

What do you want most in this world? Most people can only give you vague answers.

Do you happen to be most people?

Find specifically what you want most, then surrounded yourself with books on that topic.

Want to be better at sales? Read a bunch of sales/influence books and practice.

Want to have better relationships? Read a “self help” (even though I despise that word) type book.

All of your life problems have probably happened before to someone else. They wrote about it and now you have all the answers.

We have never been at a time in history with this much information at our disposal. Most of the information tends to be awful. So you have to know where to look.

Why Create This?

To share the love of reading. As well as putting books above T.V. This world is flooded with vapid information 24/7. Reading is a path to finding solace amidst all the noise.

I write reviews to tell you who the book is good for and a little about it. Not a summary so long it could justify not even reading the book. I value my time, I expect you value yours too.

This site’s main goal is to provide enormous value. When you help others succeed in life, because they found the right books. You both win. It always comes back around. I will only focus on the front end, so the back is always having to rise along. It’s an immutable law of life.

Possible one of the best reading spots I've had.
Top 5 Reading Spot


Find your reading spot and get to it. You can start by reading this article and getting outside.