Men Are From Mars And Women Are From Venus Review

One of the the most popular relationships books out there. More than 50 million copies sold and spending a grad total of 121 weeks on the best sellers list. Normally, I assume a book of this stature has to have some good information, but will be mainly feel good material with very little, new insights.

Boy was I wrong…..


This book is perfect for everyone. If every high school student had to read this, there would be far less divorces and unnecessary grief that all stems from different values and speaking the same words, with very different meanings.

Now obviously if you are trying to get a partner, are a psychology enthusiast, want to get along with people better or just want your wife to stop talking about how you never listen to her (when you do sometimes…) this $10 book could save you years of frustration and stress. (Maybe even half of what you own too.)


I highly recommend this book, the writing style is easy/entertaining to read.

The information is easy to remember thanks to the “Men are from Mars” and “Women are from Venus” analogy which stereotypes two exact opposite cultures. This is probably the best part of the book, it makes the information convenient to retain.

It will also give you TONS of insights into previous relationships and where they went wrong. I was stunned when I would read something that I or one of my exes totally neglected, but we thought we were being fair to ourselves. It was also interesting how I found that problems I thought were one sided were actually two way streets 99% of the time. With that being said, you can only control your side of the road and learn how to do the best YOU can!

So read this book or you will be left to your own devices on figuring out women or men. (Yeah, that has worked great so far for 50% of American married couples.)

Final Rating

I have to give this book a 9/10. I read it in about three days just because I was so compelled to learn everything I could. I thought I knew women pretty well before, but Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus has opened my eyes to many things I was personally doing wrong.

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