Influence By Robert B. Cialdini Review

Influence by Robert B. Cialdini is a fantastic book for anyone interested in influence, psychology, marketing, or sales. It is written by the professor of marketing AND a professor of psychology at Arizona State University. That should tell you everything you need to know. BONUS: It is like listening to an interesting college lecture with 0% risk of political opinions being thrown in.

Cialdini writes in the style I prefer best. He brings up a concept through a personal story or historic example. Then explains the concept more and uses even more stories to cement the meaning. At the end of the chapters, he always teaches you how to defend yourself from the weapon of influence he just taught you about. He arms you with a figurative shield and sword. Even if this book stopped you from getting ripped off once or manipulated once, I’d call it a slam dunk.

I also retarined a good amount of the information. Why you may ask? Stories are the key. The use of stories is so incredibly powerful. We can remember them so much easier.

Can you think of someone else who uses stories to prove a point? Yup, you guessed it. Jesus. They called them parables, but I can still remember many of stories taught to me in Sunday School. That is the power of a good story.

To wrap it up, I think this book should be on the agenda for any business, marketing, or psychology class. It is very educational while still entertaining!

If you want to get a preview of it, make sure you check out the twitter page and if you want to buy it (Or really if you want to buy anything.) show me some love and do it here.




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