How to Read Between the Lines

What Every Body Is Saying Review By Joe Navarro

Why didn’t that girl call me back? When is the best time to ask for a raise? How do I know if a prospect is interested? I feel like my business partner is lying to me…

We all have thought things along these lines before. People are tricky and rarely wear their sleeve on there shoulder. Honesty is even more rare in this era of political correctness.

You can always catch a “vibe” of how someone really feels, but what is this vibe?

This vibe is body language. We all have an idea of how someone is feeling by their posture and facial expressions.. It might feel like a huge clutter of notes in your head. If you want to really put it down to specifics, this is the book for you.

I have been gifted with a solid EQ (Social Skills), but I could never concretely be sure if I correctly read someone. Now I can be sure, this books is backed by tons of scientific data. The author Joe Navarro also had years of experience in the FBI so he relates tons of personal stories into the book. So if any book has credibility for reading body language, it’s this one.

The best part about this book is how much you remember! Most people will subconsciously know a lot of the information, then when it is put into words, it all just clicks. I have retained more knowledge from this book than anyone other book I have read. Make sure you take notes though!

The books is packed with diagrams showing the body language as well. Which is great, because if I told you someone was “steepling” you would probably have no idea what I mean. When I saw the diagram I had a “Ohhhh that is what its called” moment. There are a lot of those in this book.

Also, your mind follows your body’s lead. (Your mind is influenced by your physical state) So if you are wanting to feel more confidence in a situation, you can mirror the body language of confidence Joe outlines. You simply can’t buy that in a quick fix form. If implemented in your daily life, this book could change your life forever.

You may not be a FBI agent, but we can all benefit from understanding each other better. There is great power in understanding how someone really feels. The effort you put in to start is well worth the end payment.

If you liked this review, you can get the book here.

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