How My Front Door Taught Me A Lesson

Recently, the key for my front door has not been working well. The key is very fickle and has almost broken off before. Now think about that while you are in a hurry. Quite the pain in the ass.

I must have patience, persistence, and an aspect of stoicism.

(If you think I am going too deep, just play along and reinforce an universal truth.)

If I get frustrated with the lock and force it, the key will be destroyed. Then I will be locked out still.

If I quit then I have to go get a new key. Either way I am still not in the house.

The best part? My house doesn’t care, so how can I be mad at it? I might as well laugh and give it my best effort. No point in giving it any emotion energy. You only have so much.

You can relate this aspect to many areas in your life. Say, if you have really bad road rage. Can you control what any of the other drivers are doing?

That is why you must build patience.

What if you want to get stronger? Unless you are unnatural you need persistence to keep going to the gym. No point in getting frustrated with results, just work harder!

Sometimes you are going to feel like your life sucks. Chances are if you are reading this then your life is better than most people who have ever lived. Might as well be stoic and not worry about the sauce stain on your shirt. You could be a literal slave in some third world country. Or just live in a third world country. (Not by choice.)

The way I look at it, I should already be dead. (I will write about the whole story soon.) So everyday since I almost died on that cold December night, every day has been a gift. Sometimes I still get in bad moods, but eventually I tell myself, “You should be dead.” Then it gives me a smile and I move on with my life.

Have a great lesson you learned from a daily task or a close experience with death? Share it in the comments below!

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