Honest Review Of Meditations By Marcus Aurelius



Meditations, is the personal notes of the most powerful man in the world at his time. Between conquests for the Roman Empire and other duties as an Emperor, he still found time to write. He is deeply embedded in the roots of stoicism and it shows frequently. This book is deep, insightful, profound, and should always have you thinking.

This book is not easily read. It requires concentration to read. The reward on the other hand is tremendous. You will constantly be amazed how this was wrote almost 2,000 years ago. It feels like he has unlocked wisdom from the future. So be open minded. This book can provide numerous shifts in your thinking.


From tranquility, detachment, dealing with pain, fame, dealing with others, principles, metaphysics, and a wide variety of topics. It really covers it all. From the other philosophy books I have read, this one is my favorite so far. You will  never be more awestruck by a book in your life. It can mold you into a person filled with meaning. It can help you find perspective that lets you focus on what matters.


After I read this book, I felt a lot more peace in my daily life. When something goes wrong, I either start thinking of solutions or think about the positive side. Both more productive than being bitter and letting it ruin my day little by little. I think about how short life is and how I will have many bumps on my path as I go. I already expect them, so why be surprised and distraught? No need to focus on the petty. It will only distract you from your vision and the abundance this world has to offer.


It will help you find what matters to you. Many people think they want to be famous or rich. Aurelius says fame is nothing to lose sleep over. More of a curse actually. He makes the point to name a bunch of people who were famous at the time, but are now long forgotten. He contemplates time and notes how we will all end up dust and forgotten. So we should strive to make positive impacts that leave our world better off than we left it. Not chase something that in the end, counts for nothing.


This book is perfect for acquiring timeless wisdom. If you feel you need some more depth to your life and less chaos, this is the book for you. A classic must read.


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