Fredrick Douglas

One of the best black orators of his time, Fredrick Douglas spews passion with every stroke of his pen. It is incredible to think that he was never formally taught to read or write, yet he writes with the sophistication of a studied scholar. It is likely he will even stump you on a couple words.

Anyways, I read this book with hopes to cultivate more gratitude and multiply my desire for more in life. After reading his various tribulations, I can say that goal was well achieved. This book will humble you and make you feel grateful for your own lot. Maybe even childish for some sadness you feel in your own life. I promise your life is not worse than the beginning of his.

You aren’t going to put this book down and be floored with amazement at how good it was. It has a more somber feel to it and it’s more for personal depth than entertainment. He isn’t a riveting story teller, more of a purveyor of facts.

I will say one other thing about the book. Don’t read the introduction. It is a total waste of 25 pages and will make you lose interest in reading the book honestly. Take my word and skip it!

Anyways, if you want to cultivate more gratitude and get an inside look to what slavery was really like, this is the book for you.

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