Efficiency Review: Wall Street Playboys

Efficiency is the no bullshit guide for wealth, fitness, and social life. 

You have probably heard it’s extremely dense. It definitely is. The book could easily be twice its size with all its information

It is dense enough to make retaining all the book at once impossible. Especially with the wide range of topics this book covers. I recommend giving yourself a quiz after each section. 

Who is it for? 

This book is for anyone who looking for a blue print to excel at life. Specifically young men. 

If you need direction in life, this provides a clear and simple path. 

Acquire Currency -> Get Fit -> Get Quality Friends and/or a Girlfriend ALL as efficiently as possible. 

It’s simple, but so is life when you cut out the filler. 

This book has something for everybody considering it’s all about maximizing your results with as little time as possible. 

We all could use more time, right? 

This is a good layout of everything you’d learn:


Firstly, this book is for anyone trying to get the maximum return on your time. Which really should be everyone. (Ex. Being in shape with 5 hours of exercise a week.) 

Secondly, I highly recommend this book for young men who all their life have been told what to do, by people they don’t want to be like. This book was written for you. 

Be free to make your own path. This book gives you serval options based on your talents. Not what someone *thinks* is in *your* best interest. 

Here is one of their best charts:

Final Thoughts 

In conclusion, this book obviously isn’t a “fun” read. Nor should it be. Read a novel if you want some fun. 

Making the most out of your life is serious business. 

If Wall Street Playboys wasted my time with a bunch of filler, how would I expect their advice to maximize my time? 

If you’ve read their blog (and enjoyed it). As well as interested in maximizing your time, then this is a definite must have. (Bonus if you are young.) 

Here is where you can buy the book and have the Wall Street Playboys tell you about it themselves. 

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