Cultivating Creativity

I am sure that you were just like me and thought people were born creative. Also that if you weren't creative, then you could never become creative. Well call this myth busted because that is complete bullshit.

I believed all those self limiting beliefs and didn't think there could be an abundance of creativity.

Until the past 6 months or so when I found the secret. Which is really no secret at all and should be common sense. Ironically, common sense seems to be uncommon.

Anyways, I decided to write this article when a follower of my twitter respond to my tweet and asked how I became more creative. So I credit this article to him and I gave him a hint to the "secret" of becoming more creative.

"The same way you get better at everything."

How do you get better at anything? There is only one way. Practice.

I can't say I came up with this myself, I got this practice from one of my favorite authors. James Altucher. (I highly recommend his books and blog to anyone.) This practice is to come up with 10 ideas a day. Good or bad it doesn't really matter as long as you are practicing. Write them down and unless one really resonates with you, don't worry about keeping them. There is always an abundance of ideas, if you chose to seek them.

At first it will be hard, but after a good while, it becomes easier. The hard part is sticking to it. So set a reminder and push through.

It can become stale coming up with random ideas, so pick a topic for the day if you want. If it really gets stale, you can think of 10 different ways to do something you normally do. As long as you are being creative and really thinking (Most don't) then it will work.

You could even try to take 10 beautiful pictures one day and find the best angels for the shots. Draw some place you have never seen before. Whatever else you really like to do, try to add in some creative exercises.

10 ideas a day works great for finding business ideas. It also works great for finding solutions to everyday problems. Which in turn can become business plans.  How about sending business ideas to companies? You never know what kind of connections that could make or possible reward! When you put out value, it tends to come back one way or another.

Not having creativity can cause a lot of unnecessary hardships. It can cause fights when you can't reach a creative compromise. There is no down side at all of becoming more creative.

A horrible habit to get into is thinking there are only 2 solutions to any life problem. If you focus on abundance and get creative you will find ton a ton of other win-win solutions to everyday problems.

Basic Example: Some people like to think we have a "gun problem" in America. We don't at all, but people like to think there are only two options. Guns or no guns. Or a ton of regulations so people won't have guns. You can get stuck in a heated debate on it, but the guns aren't the problem. It is the people using them. You have to fix the people problem, not the "gun problem". So how about you just made the penalties higher for using them criminally. Make them think twice.

Another horrible habit that stems from lack of creativity is thinking there is no positive to a situation.

Basic Example: Lets say you have to drive 30 minutes or so everyday for one reason or another. Unless you love driving that might feel like a total waste of time. Well it can be if you don't do anything about it. You could listen to a educational podcast or get some CDs that can help you learn Spanish.

Becoming creative will rapidly change your life. It is 100% free to do and could potentially bring you millions. It can even help minor problems along the way. Stick to coming up with 10-20 ideas a day.

Always implement creativity in your daily problems. Think creatively and get to the roots of problems the world faces. Who knows what you could come up with.

Have any tips to increase creativity? Place them in the comments below!



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