A Father’s Mission by Neil M. White Review

Neil M. White (twitter.com/thisdaddoes) from ThisDadDoes.com is one of the leading authorities on fatherhood. He has years of experience from his three kids. I highly suggest you read his blog, then expect his book to be twice as awesome.

Authors always put their best work in paid formats! A Father’s Mission does not disappoint that model.


This book is perfect for fathers, soon to be father, and still incredible for aspiring fathers like myself. Honestly, this book would also be beneficial to mothers as well to help get both parents on the same game plan.


Neil lays out all the tools to being the best dad possible. He really doesn’t miss a point on this book. With value to the reader being his obvious first priority, he greatly impressed me. Also, the amount of actionable advice was tremendous.

This book has tons of thrilling personal experiences (he even lived in Uganda for a year) and he shares his story in his own unique voice that is captivating.

He brought out a lot of good arguments for his points and one involving prolactin which I had NO idea about and make me rethink some things.

Neil also brought out an incredible idea about motivation. When most people want to get motivated, they tend to think about what success will look like and how it will feel.

Well, instead of that, how about you picture what it will be like to fail? The embarrassment, the shame, the feelings of desperation when you realize your family cannot rely on you and instead they rely on the government. Sadly, people are generally far more motivated by defeat than the possibility of success.

Use that to your advantage.

Not to mention one of Neil’s stories in particular about his fathers mountaineering legacy gave me some of the best chills I have gotten in a long while. Buy his book to read all about it!

Final Rating

I was extremely impressed by A Father’s Mission and would say it is an absolute must have for any father. With this book being under $10 you literally cannot lose. Or if you don’t even have $8 for a kindle version, you can find out how to get a free copy here.

All in all I give this book a solid 8/10. (Remember, 9/10 is really rare and only one book can be 10/10 and I don’t think I have read the best book on earth yet.)

Happy reading and I will talk to you next time!

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